Homophobia is ugly

Homophobic hate has been existent for centuries. It’s amazing how much technology advancement has been achieved yet our social and cultural norms remain unchanged. It’s funny how one chooses only to adapt things that make their lives comfortable and rebuke others that question their very core.
When we seek a heterosexual couple hugging or snuggling n public we say “awe how cute” yet when we witness even the slightest of chemistry between two individuals of the same sex we turn around and run like our lives depended on it.
Why so much hate? They don’t hurt you; they are just the same in love only it makes you uncomfortable seeing them with members of the same sex. Do you hate everything that makes you feel uncomfortable? Then why the hostility with the sexually diverse individuals?
It’s rather astonishing that humans are the most superior of beings and we lack basic understanding. Since when did love ever be wrong? So let me get this straight couples can do whatever they like and the sexual diverse people can’t? Why? Who made such laws and if you aren’t aware than it’s against ones basic human right.
I’m not just speaking in terms of being allowed to be willed to show emotions in public. There is a whole lot more involved in this that needs to be addressed and the time is NOW. For how long will we let social norms oppress our feelings and lose people we most care about?
Many hide behind curtains of religion and culture and never welcome a challenge to these beliefs. In years we have seen different versions of the religious transcripts emerge. Don’t you think mis-interpretation is possible? After all it was common men who made these versions.
Still on scriptures “thou shall not kill” literally it means not killing any living entity, then why do we slaughter animals that have caused us no harm? Doesn’t this count as manipulation of the scriptures?
I can never agree that god is against love. No matter what nature it may be off. Love is a beautiful thing that needs to be shared and not labeled. There are some heterosexuals that have marriages that last a few days and here are two people madly in love with each other for decades and not allowed holding hands because others are not comfortable with it.
I can debate for hours all the various forms of discrimination and social injustice that a sexually diverse person goes thru. But in a nutshell it all comes back to humanity and the mindset of individuals. If we choose to hate one another for any reason whatsoever then we can never find peace within ourselves, the nation or the world.
I think us the superior homo-sapiens need to learn a lot from animals for homophobia exists only in human beings.

This piece has a lot of questions intentionally, stop and think before you wish to comment. Walk a mile in their shoes.


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