Homophobic bars in Fiji

Ever had the feeling that the local well known bars are homophobic? Maybe you didn’t notice but they are very biased either based on sexuality or race.

No im not speaking from tell a tales but thru personal encounters.

Its no secret that all my readers know i love going to the nightclub and do so often. However the sort of treatments that some people get from the bars are highly inappropriate.

I do not know if it’s management decision or the staff’s doings but most of the people who work there are very homophobic. Almost all of them will deny this fact, and also claim to be gay friendly. Having gay staff does not make the place gay friendly .

Some years back you would agree that they weren’t homophobic. In fact they wouldn’t have bothered you and discriminated anyone based on their sexual identity. Maybe because back then gay people didn’t identify them as such and numbers were small.

Now that people are starting to feel comfortable in their own skin and the numbers are increasing, homophobic behaviour is on the rise as well.

Like any other patrons we spend money in the club and go their to have fun and meet friends. But at the end of the day one doesn’t have complete freedom if they are sexually diverse. They are restricted from doing things and are sometimes thrown out of the club if they kiss someone of the same sex.

But on the other hand heterosexuals are given all  the freedom to do whatever they please under the sun.

Where is the fairness in that?

There has been cases as well where transgenders aren’t allowed to enter these night clubs. Just because they cross dress they are stopped on the door. With no valid reasons whatsoever. If  was a cross dressing was a crime then all the ladies who wear pants shouldn’t be allowed in too right?

So basically what the clubs are trying to tell us is that our gay $’s aren’t good enough for them? What happened to keeping emotions away from the business?

I don’t think that there is a law that stops sexual diverse people from going into a club. Neither is it against the law to have a consensual homosexual partner. So are these clubs making their own laws now?

And what are the human rights organisations doing to fight this form of discrimination? Do they even intend to stand up and take action against it?

I believe that these things will continue to happen unless we have a formal body that can protect us. A body that can stand side by side and fight these ridiculous homophobic behaviours that deny us our basic freedoms

We need to show everyone that we are here and we need our voices to be heard as well. We need to represent ourselves and fight for our rights.

United we stand, divided we fall !!


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