Self Image and Media

I recently saw an article in the Fijian  newspaper about Dhristi Patel winning the Model contest. Congratulations to her for winning but I can’t help but think what kinds of values are being imposed to our younger generations.
I would really like to know what Fiji Fashion is trying to Prove.  I remember seeing an article where a certain category was needed for one to be a model for the Fiji fashion week.
Do these people realize that we are preaching dieting and anorexic behavior to these youngsters? At a young age of fifteen one should not worry about how they look rather enjoy their teenage. All these articles on dietary as well as how a certain someone should look to get into the eyes of these event coordinators is ridiculous.
Authorities should do something about how Fiji Fashion Week and the Hibiscus Festival organizers do their selections. One should not be discriminated by their physical appearance as this is a violation of once basic human rights.
Everyone is special and unique in their own way and they deserve the right to represent and showcase their talents as much as skinny models/ girls do.
This world-wide phenomena is very drastic and needs to be a stop to. Celebrities play a huge impact on the lifestyles of the young generations as to how one should look a certain way.
The drug industry makes millions of dollars on these so called ” fat burning” drugs that never work. Therefore buyers resort to eating less to attain their goal.
According to world statistics girls as young as 11 are anorexic. This is an alarming figure! At the age where children are just developing and need to enjoy being kids are concerned with they way they look physically and indirectly their mental state is affected as well. Self image has become so important in the young generation that if they do not look like their favorite celebrities then they think they are a failure. Teenagers everywhere have low self esteem because they do not look a certain way.
Advertisements promote these types of values and has a large impact. Nearly all advertisements star young slim models/ talents to help promote their product even if it is not related to fitness. Moreover these ads are edited with fake qualities and shown to the general public making it seem real.
Its photoshop people no 1 looks exactly like they are portrayed in the media its all a fake. Wakeup and realize the ugly side of media and be proud of the way you are.
You are beautiful and unique just the way you are hold it with pride.

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